Pic2School: Child participation tool for designing the school playground

Pic2school powerpoint with icons
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Do you have plans to make your school playground greener, more playful and more adventurous? With Pic2school you let pupils, parents and teachers think and design with you.

Pic2school is a participation tool that inspires, provides concrete ideas and helps young and old to think spatially, beyond the standard play equipment. Pic2school can be carried out with children of all ages. In Kindergarten, primary and secondary schools. 

How does it work?

During the participation session children will work in small groups, around a map of the school playground. They are now the designers. Each child will have a certain amount of coins that they can use to buy icons. Each icon has a value between one and four coins. This means that a single child can’t choose every icon, but that children have to work together with the group to buy the most important icons. Within the group they decide where the icons have to be placed on the map.

Pic2school can be modified with PowerPoint the way you want.

  • You can choose which icons are suitable for your school playground. You can add icons or remove some
  • You can choose the value of each icon.
  • You can change the text on each icon in your own language.

Step by step

Step 1 Go outside to show the terrain           Step 2 Create small groups    


Step 3 Explain the project and the icons       Step 4 Selecting the icons                                                                                                                                                                                           


Step 5 Cut out the icons                                   Step 6 Move the icons, try to combine them


Step 7 Stick the icons onto the map               Step 8 Add additional information


Step 9 Present the designs

Pic2school powerpoint with icons
PPT ~ 2.7 Mb